Stand out to be the Famous Brand

Sounds a clamouring cliché but often times overlooked. Your brand will reflect who you are as a person and as a company. What do you stand for, what are your missions and do you have a core value and principles that drive your business decisions? All of those go into what makes you, you and it is the first step in fleshing out your brand. It is like Introducing your name to be known.

Your biggest barrier, however, is likely to be you. “People with small brands think that they have to be small,” explains Linzi speaking to MYCustomer following her recently published book called “Brand Famous”.

You must behave like you’re the queen of optimism and trot your way up the runway and be not afraid of failure anymore because what does Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates have in common? They all have something in common and most of us know what that is- they were all college dropouts. The media certainly embellish those who are school dropouts and eventually become successful.

What do you do? This is one is pretty straightforward, it’s essentially your elevator speech. How would you sum up your business if given 30 seconds to explain it? Not everybody is fond of listening, let alone reading. Focus on your core competencies because while you may think that you are all things to everybody, in reality there are specialties within your business to be highlighted.

This is where the next question comes in. Why does it matter? Why does what you do matters, exactly? Until you know why you matter and to whom you matter, you can’t begin to develop an effective message that will act as a foundation of your brand.

What makes you different? Remember your first day in class? Everyone introduced themselves. They tell you about their name, age and their hobbies or favourite subject and it goes on following just one pattern. For you to be noticed, you have to mention something unique or interesting about you that is out of the pattern they follow. What does it give you? An instant celebrity status! You have to learn the ropes and find out what works for you company to swell up the traffic to you.

If you are exactly the same as the guy next door, it’s going to be hard to develop a meaningful brand but the good news is hardly anyone is exactly the same as that guy. Focus on your competitive advantage and when it comes to building your brand, remember to celebrate your differences, build a strong foundation as you have to know who you are so that it reflects to what you do.